100.000 Work Orders processed at Hafslund with the Integration Solution from Addovation

Addovation's Integration solution is central when Hafslund is rolling out 700,000 automated Power grid meters, AMS.

Addovation has been part of the AMS project team at Hafslund for the last year, preparing the process of rolling out 700,000 automated Power grid meters in the Oslo area. The new integration solution was put in production in 2016 and this week the project reached an important milestone, processing over 100.000 work orders!

The Addovation solution is critical in integrating IFS Applications™ with Hafslunds new data hub, handling data on customers, network infrastructure, meter values and more. Addovation has developed a new way of integrating IFS Applications™ with other systems in a flexible, robust and easy deployable way.

The solution enables that reported Work Orders from the entrepreneurs on site transfers correctly in IFS Applications™. Issuing serial parts (meters) and digital media connected to the Work Orders are central elements in the integration.

Jan-Olof Herbertsson and Roar Valle are core resources in the project with good support from several skilled Addovation people.