Add-solutely Faboulus!

A few weeks ago, Addovation organised its annual strategy seminar at Tanumstrand in southern Sweden. Management and employees from Drammen, Gothenburg, Jönköping and Luleå attended the event, and combined we were 58 attendees in total. 59 if we include the Chair of the Board Gösta Blomqvist’s little dog, Asta.

We kicked off at Thursday, dividing everyone into teams and handing them the task ‘Dragons Den -the App challenge’. For those of you that are not familiar with the Dragons Den concept, the groups were to present their App for a jury, demonstrating it, talking about its benefits, its business model etc. The teams dived into the task with great enthusiasm, preparing their product and presentations for the dreaded jury Friday afternoon.

However, Addovation isn’t all about ‘the work’. We also know how to have fun! As a new way to get to know each other and bond, the teams entered another competition – the competition of crab fishing (a Scandinavian tradition – commonly done by children). The team that managed to capture the most crabs within a given time frame, was to expect a great prize.

At Friday afternoon, before dinner, we were presented with the winners of both the dragons den challenge, and the crab fishing challenge. Everyone was really excited and you could hear a pin drop just before the winners were announced. The winner of the app-challenge, ‘Mobile relief for Financial Managers’ was a clever application for  keeping track of critical credit status. The HR application ‘What’s next’ was runner up. This is an app that Simplifies access to necessary data for end user employees and gives employees control of their daily work and responsibilities. The winners of the crab challenge managed to catch 44 crabs in total – an astonishing amount securing them the great prize of Champagne and chocolate! Ps: no crabs were harmed in this event and they were all released into the water when the competition was over.

We rounded up the seminar with a great dinner party in the nautical restaurant at Tanumstrand. Great food and wine, lots of laughs and getting to know each other better. So, in the famous word of our CEO Per Inge Sævareid, I would like to say that the seminar this year was absolutely ‘Strålendes!’ the Norwegian word for fabulous! We are already looking forward to next year’s event.