Addovation and IFS Applications™ for Pharma and Life Sciences

Companies that are running their operations in a highly regulated environment, need to rely on solutions for administration and business operations that are built to meet those demands. They also need to work with ERP partners that understand and have experiences within such industries. Addovation and IFS Applications is such a combination.

If FDA, Good Manufacturing Practice or Good Distribution Practice are relevant for your business, IFS Applications for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences might be the solution to cover your business needs.

The base for the business solutions are that they must always be validated. That requires a strict documented and controlled technical environment and processes, where all changes and updates must be validated and documented before putting into operation.

There are several functional areas that need to be supported by the solution:


  • Document management: With version, approval and release handling, easily accessible
  • Electronic signatures: Secure that all steps are signed and approved
  • Audit trail: What changes have been made, when and by who?
  • Roles & Segregation of duties: Secure alignment with regulatory and internal policy demands
  • Quality Management: All quality related activities integrated to business processes
  • Traceability to batch- and series level


IFS Applications gives you the opportunity to have support for the entire product life cycle, from product development to phase out. You will also have all your business processes covered by one solution, based on latest technology and from one of the leading ERP-vendors in the world.


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