Addovation celebrates 10 years anniversary!

10 years ago, in a basement in Asker near Oslo, Per Inge Sævareid and Kenneth Smith layed down the first plans and ideas for what was going to become Addovation. It turned out to be a bold idea with great visions the two former IFS employees were putting into action.

In 2008, Addovation started developing add-ons to MS Office for users of IFS Applications. Large companies around the country were interested and realised that these solutions could save a lot of time and increase efficiency. Some of you may remember one of our old slogans; Optimizing processes, freeing up time!

As time went, Addovation has developed an extensive product portfolio, won the Gazelle price four times, become an IFS Gold Channel Partner, and opened 4 new offices. The company now has more than 70 employees worldwide consisting of skilled consultants, developers, a sales team and management. Together we implement IFS applications, offer cloud services and continue to develop our own products such as add-ons and mobile apps.  We are proud to say that our slogan today is ‘A one stop shop for IFS Applications’, as we are here to help you with all your IFS Applications needs!