Addovation develops a seamless integration between Office 365® and IFS Applications™

Addovation, an IFS Gold Channel Partner, proudly announces a new solution for seamless integration between Office 365 and the CRM module of IFS Applications™.

“We were approached by several customers asking for an integration between Office 365 and IFS Applications™. They needed to make the updating of customer contacts, appointments and meetings in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module of IFS Applications™ more efficient,” said Anders Kjersem, Sales Manager, Addovation. “With our team of business experts, developers and valuable customer input, we were able to create a solution that works seamlessly with IFS Applications™.”  “It reduces the need for manual registration and eliminates the hassle of operating two calendars,” he continued.

The solution is long-awaited by the market and is now available. Featuring support for exchanging of business activities, calendar appointments and contacts, the solution offers powerful synchronization functionality to connect objects to the proper customer/lead directly in IFS Applications™, increasing efficiency and streamlining the process.

All tracking, logging and surveillance is handled through Addovation’s own integration platform, Automation and Integration Server (AIS). “The AIS is a powerful server solution that can handle all types of integrations,” said Addovation’s R&D Manager Andreas Isengaard. “We expect to use the framework and the knowledge gained to continue the development of new innovative add-ons.”

“Users of the CRM module in IFS Applications™ and Office 365 will benefit from this solution. We implemented it in our own company a few months ago and we have already reaped major benefits. We now have all the contact and lead information we need in one place: IFS Applications™!” said Addovation CEO Per Inge Sævareid.

Download the press release here.