Addovation donates to Africa Startup

2019 has been a great year for Addovation and as our Christmas present this year, we would like to donate money to the Africa Startup Foundation. We have been supporting this foundation for many years and it is heart-warming to see how children and young adults benefit from our donations.

Africa Startup is a small and different kind of charity, that is focusing on finding innovative solutions for local challenges in Africa. One of these initiatives is called ‘MyFarm’.

Marit Olderheim at Gambia Startup says ‘MyFarm is our “creative hub” in Gambia where we are testing many different solutions to find out what can work on real grass-root level. With our holistic approach of farming, business training, educational programs, ed-tech solutions etc, MyFarm has become an inspirational centre for the slum areas around, as well as for public and private schools, government and international actors. We also reach out to other local communities with MyFarm on Wheels where we bring our solutions with us and travel to rural communities”.

Several of the concepts that has had its origin at MyFarm, like ‘how to make money’ training guides and apps, Leap Learning Literacy and Numeracy labs, are today in use in many other countries and benefiting thousands of children every day.

“With no other secure fixed funding for running our activities, we really appreciate the donation from Addovation, that enables us to develop more and new ideas that can help the most needed in Gambia and also other places around the world! A warm thanks to Addovation for your generous contribution!” Marit Olderheim concludes.

You can read more about Africa Startup and Myfarm here.