Addovation goes live with IFS Applications™ 9

Addovation is proud to announce that they have gone live with IFS Applications™ - a natural choice for ERP experts.

Addovation is an IFS Gold Partner and one of the leading providers of IFS Applications™ to SME’s in Scandinavia. This week the company went live with IFS Applications™ – a natural choice for ERP experts. Using their proven methodology and in-house expertise, the implementation and go live went as smoothly as expected. The company implemented Finance, HR, Project and Document Management in only 3 months!

“We are truly excited about this go live”, says CEO of Addovation Per Inge Sævareid. “We are looking forward to harvest the benefits of IFS Applications™ 9 and finally get to use the system in our own organization. We know that IFS Applications™ will help us optimize and simplify our processes, thereby giving us that agile and competitive edge we are constantly striving for!

IFS Applications™ is a single, agile, application suite that delivers enterprise asset management (EAM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise project management, and supply chain management to demanding and global businesses. The system delivers true business agility and is built on industry standards. It can easily be extended and upgraded and its user-friendly interface helps companies get closer to their business

Glenn Arnesen, the CEO of IFS in Scandinavia added:

“We are pleased to see that Addovation, as one of our key partners in Scandinavia, chose to implement IFS Applications™. This is another testament to how well suited IFS technology is for consulting companies with high standards”.

As a provider of solutions supporting IFS Applications™, Addovation has also implemented the use of their Add-on—the Office Automation Suite—making Word, Excel & Outlook an integrated part of IFS Applications™ 9. The company will in the future also make use of the mobile applications developed for increased efficiency and flexibility.

Addovation has deployed IFS Applications™ as a cloud solution on Addovation Managed Cloud.