One of Norway’s fastest growing Companies in 2016

To our great joy, Addovation has been awarded as a Gazelle Company in Norway for the third time! We have fulfilled the Gazelle demands and increased our revenues by at least 20% annually for four years or more, meaning that we have doubled our revenues over a four year period.

When Addovation first was awarded the Gazelle title in 2012, we were 10 employees with a revenue of 11.6 million NOK. In 2016 we will be approximately 70 employees with returning revenue of more than 65 million NOK.

Our company has been growing continuously since the two founders Per Inge Sævareid and Kenneth Smith started the company in 2008.

“We have always focused on providing our customers with functional technology and make sure that we have specialized within areas with high demand. At the same time we have adapted to changes in our society, making sure that we have continued growth”, says Per Inge Sævareid, CEO and co-founder of Addovation.