Addovation successfully markets IFS Applications™

Addovation joined the IFS Channel Partner program last year, and started selling IFS Applications™ in the SME market in Scandinavia. Even if ERP sales takes time, Addovation has so far won two contracts and have a number of promising prospects.

Addovation successfully markets IFS Applications™ in the SME Market in Scandinavia

The market has received the news about IFS’s partner strategy and Addovation as a channel partner in a very positive way. Addovation has shown that it is able to implement IFS Applications™ to provide true business value to our customers. Addovation Tools and Add-Ons have proven to work as catalysts to streamline implementation projects and increase user benefits.


Critical mass of competency

Addovation now comprises more than 50 skilled advisors, consultants and technically skilled persons in Scandinavia. The transfer of the IFS consulting organization in Jönköping has considerably enhanced and reinforced our competency profile. The IFS Academy training process is well under way, ensuring that Addovation now has staff who are officially certified, proving the company’s competence in effectively implementing IFS Application.


Hosting and services

Addovation is now able to run IFS Applications™ on Addovation Managed Cloud. Taking advantage of Microsoft Azure and the deep technical competency that that resides within the company, Addovation is proud to offer this long-awaited service.


Addovation also offers a number of additional services for management and administration of IFS Applications™ to allow for smooth and care-free operation of the system. With this solution, Addovation can now truly cover all parts of implementing and running IFS Applications™ and can claim with confidence that Addovation is a One-stop-shop for IFS Applications™.