A closer look at IFS Cloud

According to IFS,  IFS Cloud™ enables you to reduce complexity, costs, and risks. You can plan, manage and optimize critical asset availability, service delivery and workforce productivity.

Does IFS Cloud live up to its promises? In this blog,  we’ve gone thought a few claims and given it our verdict.

By Andreas Ehrengren

Senior Presales Architect

Claim 1: With IFS Cloud, you can access all your solutions and capabilities from a single product, built on a common platform.

Our verdict:

It’s true. IFS Cloud is one single product, built on modular technology. The available functionality is component based, and seamlessly integrated. That means that you can use as much or as little capabilities as you require, and access all functionality from one single product, without any need of extensions.

The user interface is responsive and client agnostic, which means that you can access your solution from any device, anywhere. And it will look the same no matter where you are.

To make it even easier to access the information in your solution, IFS Cloud comes with over 100 Lobbies, covering the entire application. The lobbies are covering the perspectives of industries, roles, and functions. The Lobby suitable for your industry and role, can always serve as the natural starting point when you use IFS Cloud.

Claim 2: IFS Cloud contains industry-focused accelerators that help you implement much more efficiently,

Our verdict:

Also true! Providing industry depth and innovation is possible with a platform that provides modularity, high development productivity, and the right building blocks to use across a range of solutions and industries.

With IFS Cloud’s industry-focused accelerators, you get immediate access to both your core business processes, as well as the supporting processes, that is required for your industry.

In IFS Cloud you will find industry specific Lobbies, where you can access configurable dashboards with an at-a-glance view of information and KPIs relevant to your organization. You can visualize data and keep critical metrics and actions in view, and drill into the details.

Claim 3: With IFS Cloud you can put emerging technologies to work with clear business relevance and value from day one.

Our verdict:

Not surprisingly, also true! There are several examples of this in IFS Cloud.

Something that will effect almost everyone is the ability to create expense reports using AI and machine learning. Simply by taking a photo of your receipt, and uploading it to IFS Cloud using your smartphone, the expense report with relevant data will be created automatically, based on the information on the receipt.

Another example is the embedded remote assistance in service and predictive maintenance. With the use of augmented reality, you can tap into expert knowledge from anywhere in the world. 

Remote Assistance

Use embedded augmented reality video calls to provide remote assistance across service, maintenance, and more.

Our Conclusion:

IFS Cloud offers unique industry depth and lets you harness a level of industry experience and expertise you simply won’t find in other products.

With IFS Cloud you get One single product with class-leading solutions. You can access all our solutions and capabilities from a single product, built on a common platform.

 IFS Cloud puts emerging technologies to work and with clear business relevance and value from day one and offers embedded ready to use innovation.

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Jens-Magnus Andersson is the Sales Director in Sweden

Jens-Magnus Andersson

Sales Director, Sweden


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Sales Manager IFS, New Sales, Sweden


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