A competent and transparent ERP partner is essential for success

At Addovation we believe that an ERP partner needs to work as an extension of the customers’ own organization.

By Mikael Johansson

Business Area Manager IFS, Sweden.

Competent ERP partners are something that is highly sought after in the Nordic market. At Addovation we believe that an ERP partner, as well as being competent, also needs to work as an extension of the customers’ own organization. Knowing the customers’ business processes and offer a local presence to support them, is just as important as knowing the ERP system itself.

Long term relationships & Transparency

At Addovation we cherish the relationships we have with our customers. One of the key words for building a solid relationship is transparency. I think that being open and transparent, and combining deep business system know-how with a listening attitude, will strengthen the relationship and ultimately lead to success for the customer and the partner.

The recent years, Addovation has worked with one of Sweden’s leading manufacturers of industrial buildings. After working together for several years, we as an ERP partner could easily identify their needs and offer them a solution that responded well with their demands. By being transparent with each other, we developed a solution that automated large parts of the customers production processes building a foundation for further growth. It is inspiring to see how a customer relationship can develop over time, and the benefits you can achieve by learning each other’s processes and working methods.

A Bridge into the future

I think of Addovation as a bridge into the future, where we with new technology and new concepts can help customers in their digitization process. With our own R&D department, we can develop concepts and solutions that quickly adds great value to our customers.

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