2021 has undoubtedly been the year of the Webinar, and we here at Addovation have done our share to add our flavor to the trend.

Did you miss any of our webinars?

So far this year we have been running a webinar each month, informing, and inspiring you to find more efficient ways of working with ERP. If you didn’t have the chance to catch our webinars live, you can simply select the webinar of your choice below and watch the recording.

We are also looking forward to a new season of webinars and will provide you with smoking hot, brand new webinars each month after the summer holiday. If you have specific themes or solutions you would like to see us cover, send us a message!

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Webinar – Project Management in IFS Aurena

Are you curious about Project Management in IFS Aurena? We’re exploring how IFS Aurena can help you improve your Project Management.

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Webinar: The Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices of ERP Integration

View our webinar on ERP Integrations and listen to our integration experts explain the benefits, challenges and best practices of ERP Integrations.

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Discover the Benefits of Managed Services

Discover the benefits of Managed Services and learn how our services have helped customers to focus on their core business and get on top of the competition.

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Supply Chain in IFS Aurena

Get a tour of the available assistants, lobbies and new features as we demonstrate efficient ways of working with Supply Chain Managagement.

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Work smarter in IFS Applications – Part 5

Learn how you can automate your handover processes in IFS CRM.

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Automate your case flow in IFS Applications™

Find out how the Email to Case Solution can help you automate your case flow!

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