Elias Iich

Name: Elias Iich

Position at Addovation: Business Consultant

Area of specialty: IFS Project Management, IFS Supply Chain

Background: Elias has been working as an IFS consultant at Tieto Evry before he started at Addovation.

Addovation is one of Scandinavia’s largest consulting companies working with ERP. We offer consulting, implementations, upgrades, integrations, add-ons, and hosting. We would like to introduce you to Elias Iich who joined our Stockholm office last year.

Sigrid Marie Saastad is Addovations Marketing Manager in Norway.

By Sigrid Marie Saastad

Marketing Manager, Addovation

Elias, what do you do at Addovation? 

My tasks are varied, which I really like. I become a problem solver and help customers with upgrades and implementation projects. I also assist in the sales process, introducing IFS to new customers. 

What do you think is the coolest about IFS?

IFS differs from other ERP solutions as it has a project-centric approach, so it’s very cool to demo and present the solution to new customers. I also really like that IFS is one single product. Let’s say that if you have different manufacturing processes, we can cover it with one product. Finally, I would also like to point out the user interface, which is consistent across the solution. Other ERP solutions can feel a bit messy compared to IFS.

What type of customers are you currently working with? 

I work across industries and with many different customers. Everything from service companies to high-tech manufacturers! It’s genuinely challenging but also very rewarding!

Why did you choose to work with ERP?

I love having the opportunity to meet new people and build relations. Most of all, I really like having a role where I can be a problem solver, helping customers with any challenges related to their project management or supply chain business processes. To interpret a problem and then translate it to a solution! 

What do you like to do besides work?

I am very interested in sports, so I try to work out as often as possible, and I play football every Sunday! I also like to travel and see the world, so I’m looking forward to things getting back to normal after the pandemic. 

Thanks to Elias for a very inspiring chat.

If you would like to get to know Elias and pick his brain about IFS Project or Supply chain, sign up for our webinar on February 24th: “Project Management in IFS Cloud – an introduction.”

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