Birgitte Søiland works as a Senior Advisor at Addovation

Birgitte Søiland

Position at Addovation: Senior Consultant.

Area of specialty: Specialist in IFS Finance with experience in IFS HR & Project.

Background: Educated as a Business Economist from the Norwegian Business School and the Norwegian Bank Academy. Birgitte has worked as an Application Consultant at IFS and before she joined Addovation she worked as an Accounting Manager and Project Controller at Agility Group.

Working at Addovation – Birgitte Søiland

I recently had a chat with Birgitte Søiland, who has been working at our Drammen office since 2019. I got to ask her a couple of questions about what it’s like working at Addovation.

Sigrid Marie Saastad is Marketing Manager at Addovation

By Sigrid Marie Saastad

Marketing Manager, Addovation

So Birgitte, what is your role at Addovation?

I work as a Senior Consultant and my area of expertise is Finance. I work on implementation-, upgrade-, and support projects. Most recently, I was involved in an upgrade project for one of Norway’s leading high-tech manufacturing companies­­. I was responsible for the Finance, HR and project modules.

I’m also involved in adjusting our internal finance processes to fit our growing organisation and making them smoother and more efficient. To make sure that we exchange knowledge and experience between the consultants, I am also team leader for the finance competency network group – a part of an internal initiative called Competency Networks.

What is the best part of being an ERP Business Consultant?

Without a doubt helping our customers make tedious finance routines more efficient! I love showing Accountants how they with a few simple steps can automate their daily routines. With IFS Applications, you have the possibility to automate so many processes. For example, I recently helped one of our customers setting up automatic preposting for their suppliers – which was really time saving for them. With IFS Applications you almost don’t have to register vouchers manually – it can mostly be done automatically!

By having experience from both sides of the table, being both a consultant and an Accounting Manager, I can honestly say that I can never imagine going back to the Accounting Manager role again. Being able to help others increasing their efficiency is so much more meaningful to me.

Today I started solving a support case that was really complicated, so that gave me a big boost! I have mainly worked with engineering customers, but this was related to manufacturing, so I had to dig deep and do some investigation before I solved it. Now, the customer is very happy too!

What would you say are the greatest advantages of IFS Finance compared to other systems?

I look at the IFS Finance module as a big brain that you are in control over.  The brain can be set-up and configured to what you want it to do. It has control over and is integrated with the other modules in the system making it one of the best and multi-functional finance solutions in the market.

Off course it can be perceived as complicated, but when you first understand the mechanisms and the accounting rules, you will gain huge benefits. As a Finance Consultant, I get to teach others how to get the most out of IFS Finance and I find it hugely rewarding. Especially when I can show our customers the analyses and consolidation reports that the system is able to generate.

What will be the big ERP trends within Finance this year? Any predictions?

Well, that’s a hard question. On the top of my head I would have to say Business planning – a new way of budgeting that was introduced in IFS Applications 10.  We have already demonstrated this to a customer and they really liked what they saw!

So, what is the best thing about working at Addovation?

For me, one of the best things is that I get a lot of challenges and the chance to learn new things.  Also, I get the time to dig into the material and make sure I fully understand so I can teach others. And of course, I love that I have great colleagues I can ask questions if I need help with something. Having access to so many experts and their competence is great. We do have a very valuable team spirit at Addovation. Not only amongst the consultants, but across the whole organisation. All though we are growing, we still manage to keep it ‘down to earth’ where everyone is equally important.

Thanks to Birgitte for a very inspiring chat!

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