Matilda Arnell works as a Senior Consultant at Addovation

Matilda Arnell

Position at Addovation: Business Consultant at Addovation since April 2020. Working from our Stockholm office

Area of specialty: specialised in Supply Chain, but is also familiar with most parts of the system and has experience as a solution architect.

Background: Business Consultant and project manager within the supply chain area, previously worked at IFS, Evry and Relex Solutions.

I recently had a chat with Matilda Arnell, who has been working at our Stockholm office since April this year. I got to ask her a couple of questions about what it’s like working at Addovation.

Sigrid Marie Saastad is Marketing Manager at Addovation

By Sigrid Marie Saastad

Marketing Manager, Addovation.

So Matilda, what is your role at Addovation?

I work as a Business Consultant and my area of specialty is Supply Chain Management, including Warehouse Management, Replenishment and Demand Planning. Currently I’m working with one of Sweden’s largest family-owned wood companies, assisting them in implementing the Supply Chain module in IFS Applications. I am also working with other customers helping them to improve their ERP-systems in different areas.

But my role here in the company is also varied. One example is that I’m involved in running webinars that shows users of IFS Applications how they can work smarter and more efficient!

What is the best part of being an ERP Business Consultant?

I really like that I get to use my abilities as a problem solver. Especially when it comes to supporting and simplifying business processes by using an ERP system. Even though ERP is really technical, it’s crucial that you consider the customer and their business processes the system is there to support when looking for solutions.

At the same time, solving problems takes commitment. I like that I get to dive into a problem, search for solutions, test and then teach others!

I have a Business Degree, and I’m not an engineer. At first, I thought that this might hold me back, but now I feel that my competence and skills to think logically, streamline and organise fits really well with being a consultant.

Have you experienced work challenges related to the pandemic in any way?

No, I can’t say I have. With today’s communication platforms I have no problems following up customers or getting my work done. Off course, sometimes it’s better to be in the same room, brainstorm and use a whiteboard, but luckily we can adjust and make sure that we can offer the same services to our customers as before the pandemic.

To young professionals, what is your best advice to succeed as an ERP consultant?

My advice is that you have to be driven. You need to dare to go into projects and areas that are unknown to you and you need to put in the effort to learn and acquire new knowledge. Do not shy away from things that are unknown!

You also need patience. ERP processes are usually huge and complex, and no one knows ‘everything’. That is what’s so great about being an ERP consultant. You never stop learning. New customers, new versions of the software, new challenges!

Last but not least, you also need to be curios. Never stop asking questions. Ask the customers about their business processes and show them that you are interested and you will be learning  at the same time. Ask your colleagues questions and build your network. Investigate and test different solutions and scenarios and make sure you familiarize yourself with the solution.

So, what is the best thing about working at Addovation?

Addovation offers stability and gives you freedom to learn and explore new business areas. For me, it’s also the right size of company. Not too big so that it’s hard to navigate between departments, but big enough to find the right competence. And I know that people have said it before me, but it’s feels like we’re part of a family even though we are working from 9 different offices across the world.

Thanks to Matilda for a very inspiring chat!

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