Email handling and case flow in IFS Call Center™

Do you need a solution to handle e-mail addresses like in IFS Applications™?

With Addovation’s solution ‘Email to case’, users of IFS Applications™ can fully automate email handling and case flow in IFS Call Center™. Our server solution, Automation and Integration Server, keeps an eye on your support email account and automatically detects the customer and creates a case in IFS Call Center.

Any documents attached to the email will be checked in, attached to the case. Once the case is picked up by your support team, all correspondence can be handled directly from IFS Applications™. The solution can send out automatic replies, which can be tailored and personalised.

This video demonstrates how a case is created and how easily the email correspondence with the customer is registered to the case!


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To sum up;

  • When an email arrives at the call center, a case is created automatically.
  • A response email is created and sent to the customer with a case id.
  • All correspondence is saved on the case so that everyone can read what has been said.
  • Supports several email accounts