Full control of freight handling in IFS Applications™ with Unifaun TMS

Thanks to Addovation's new integration solution, it is now possible for users of IFS Applications™ 9 and 10 to integrate their business system into Unifaun TMS.

The integration automates the processes for freight bookings, handles printouts of freight documents and shipping labels, creates traceability for goods that are on the way to the customer, and sends electronic pre-notifications to the customers.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer an integration from IFS Applications™ to Unifaun TMS that simplifies the day-to-day work of our customers. Our experience repeatedly shows how much time an integration frees up” says Wictor Dennmyr, Specialist Sales, Unifaun.

Addovation’s integration solution provides access to Unifaun’s market-leading carrier coverage directly from the business system, which minimizes the need to work with separate booking systems. Instead, all transport administration can be managed directly from IFS Applications™ with the control you expect of a modern transport management solution integrated into a modern business system.

“Thanks to the integration, customers of IFS Applications™ can work with one of the most comprehensive transport management solutions in Northern Europe,” says Jens-Magnus Andersson, Senior Customer Services Manager, Addovation.

ROL Ergo AB is one of the first customers to make use of the Unifaun TMS and integration solution from Addovation. Stefan Brengdahl, ERP Manager at ROL Ergo AB says:

“We are well acquainted with Addovation’s integration solutions and have seen its potential in our Industry 4.0 program. With the help of Addovation and Unifaun, we look forward to a more automated and efficient logistics solution.”

Download the official press release here (Swedish only).