IFS Applications

We provide a portfolio of services that maximize the value of your IFS solution.

From implementations and updates, to support ongoing value realization, Addovation and our eco-system of partners provide a wide range of services to give our customers control over their experience

Addovation consultant’s industry knowledge from more than 1 000 years of experience from working with IFS Applications ensuring we understand your business and provide the best value realization.

IFS Applications is a cloud-based ERP system build in modules and is available in +22 languages developed by IFS, one of the top ERP market leaders in the world.

IFS Application is used by approximately +1,000,000 users worldwide.

Industry proven:

IFS Manufacturing gives you closer control over your entire production process, across multiple manufacturing modes. From advanced make-to-order to simple make-to-stock and from discrete to process manufacturing, our solution lets you:

  • Minimize production costs and maximize material availability
  • Advance accuracy in forecasting, price estimating and scheduling
  • Put quality first at every stage of your production process
  • Manage sustainability over the entire product lifecycle
  • Boost revenue by offering services on top of your physical product

IFS Enterprise Service Management provides service organizations with complete end-to-end service management, reducing overall expenditure with multiple vendors and providing unrivaled efficiency and automation with a fully integrated solution that addresses all aspects of the service chain from backend to front end.