Ravema has been a customer of Addovation since 2016 and recently ordered an integration between IFS Applications and CheckProof’s mobile application.

Challenge: Ravema AB, one of Sweden’s leading partners for Nordic Engineering Industry, had a challenge integrating checklists generated by CheckProof mobile app against IFS Applications™.

Solution: They wanted an automated and simple solution for their users to reduce manual labour to a minimum, making it easier  to send check lists directly to IFS Applications.

Result: Addovation provided a user-friendly automated service fully integrated with IFS Applications™, automating the check list process, making the maintenance process easier. The service is available 24/7, and processes all check lists automatically with feedback to the end-user.

Solution deliveredAddovation Document Agent.

“The solution from Addovation was simple to understand, easy and flexible to use and provides a low threshold for our end-users.

Peter Rutensjö, Maintenance Manager at Ravema.

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ProfilGruppen selected Addovation to combine IFS Quality Management with the Office Automation Suite to create a fully digitalized claims handling process.

ProfilGruppen selected Addovation as their ERP implementation partner when they decided to add the IFS Quality Management Module to replace an outdated legacy system.  The old system was not integrated with IFS Applications™ and made it cumbersome to keep track of the various steps in the quality process.

Focus on Quality

ProfilGruppen uses the eight disciplines (8D) approach in the claims handling process and it is vital for them to have a system in place that not only supports this process, but also makes it easier for them to follow up claims efficiently. By combining the IFS Quality Management Module with the Office Automation Suite (OAS) from Addovation, visual claims reports can be generated automatically, saving time, increasing accuracy and ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

The solution was designed by Addovation together with ProfilGruppen’s Quality Team. The cooperation resulted in an on-demand, digitalized quality process with electronically generated documentation ready for the end customer.

The solution combines the IFS Quality Management standard functionality with the strong IFS Configuration Framework and Addovation’s Office Automation Suite (OAS) for automatic and fully digital report generation.

Delivering Quality Every Step of the Way!

“We endeavor to deliver quality every step of the way and It’s important that claims are handled quickly and professionally. By using the solution from Addovation in combination with the IFS Quality Management Modul, we now have a fully digitalized claims handling process.”

Jonas Kjellnäs, Quality manager at ProfilGruppen.

A fully integrated solution for the complete claims handling process

We are very pleased with the result. We had a clear vision on what we wanted to achieve. Good control over open Claims and automated creation of 8D reports. We have had a great teamwork with Addovation and they helped us find and build the best possible process in IFS Applications”

Fredrik Lundberg, Supply Chain Developer at ProfilGruppen

One solution, Several Benefits!

  • ProfilGruppen has now a fully integrated ERP solution to handle their Claims Process
  • Claims reports are created automatically
  • Data quality is improved
  • Less administration and no duplicate data registrations
  • Visual and transparent process with IFS Lobby framework


About Profilgruppen

ProfilGruppen is a Swedish company that develops and manufactures custom profiles and components in aluminium. By delivering innovative solutions in aluminium, they contribute to their customers’ success.

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Scienta Scientific

Scienta Scientific, a leader in Nobel Prize Technologies, selected Addovation as their strategic business and ERP partner.

Addovation will support Scienta Scientific in their digital transformation by implementing the ERP system IFS ApplicationsTM. The implementation project will start in the beginning of 2021. The project, named UNITE, will help Scienta Scientific to unify and consolidate their current fragmented system landscape. With a new ERP solution and digital platform, Scienta Scientific will have the possibility to strengthen their role as leader in their industry. The partnership with Addovation will support Scienta Scientific in their future growth by streamlining business processes and enhance projects.

“Implementing a new global common ERP system with unified business processes will increase our efficiency even more. With a streamlined solution across all our companies, we will not just have internal benefits, but also get new opportunities in the services we can provide to our customers and the way we meet them.”

Anders Österberg CTO/CIO and Solution Owner.

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Norautron, a global full-service electronics manufacturer, selected Addovation and IFS Applications

Norautron AS chose Addovation as their ERP partner and IFS Applications as their new ERP-solution. With this powerful combination, Norautron secured themselves a powerful ERP system and an ERP partner with the necessary expertise and industry knowledge to meet the future demand of their customers.

“We feel confident that we have selected the correct ERP Partner in Addovation. For us, it is important to have an experienced partner with the needed competence and capacity that understands our business needs and that can implement a new system platform that supports our current and future business processes.”

Øyvind Sedivy, Managing Director at Norautron

Servi Group

“We are checking in more than 2000 documents per month and save approximately 2 mins per document. That gives us a reduction of more than 60 hours per month! In addition to being more efficient in this part of the process – we also have secured that more documents are checked in and archived correctly. We are very happy with this solution and would like to use it on other types of documents too.

Anne Lise Halvorsen, QA Manager, Responsible for IFS Applications™ at Servi Group.


Servi Group, one of Norways leading suppliers of Power and Motion Control, produce over 2000 documents every month and needed to get these checked into IFS Applications™ in an efficient and secure manner.


Servi Group wanted a solution that could check in their documentations automatically, as long as the users sent the document to specific e-mail adresses.


Addovation provided Servi Group with the Document Agent. The Document Agent works efficiently 24/7 and supports many difference input channels. The efficient solutions makes sure that the documents are checked into IFS Applications™, to the right business objekt, at the right time.

Solution Delivered

Document Agent, Automation Server.

Sateba Group

Sateba Group, a leading European specialist in precast concrete sleepers and rail infrastructure, selected Addovation to implement IFS Applications as their new ERP solution for the entire group. IFS Applications will replace several different ERP solutions

On the right track with Addovation

To build a platform for future growth, streamline processes and increase efficiency, Sateba will use IFS Applications for all their business processes

“To become best-in-class, we need a future-proof ERP platform and an experienced ERP-partner to support us. We do believe that Addovation can help us achieve our future goals.”

Benoit Cattin-Martel,CEO, Sateba

ROL Group

ROL Group consists of four manufacturing units and is organized in a global supply chain and a matrix organization.

We regularly get the question of what is common to our companies and investments. The answer is that we see great development opportunities in all our business. Our motivation is to be involved in contributing to the development of companies and the growth of staff in their professional roles, while still having fun at work- to create an appealing and inspiring working environment”.

Anders Bråhn, Program Manager, ROL AB.

In order to meet future customer demands and business challenges, ROL wanted to build a fully automated manufacturing plant at their Lithuania site to improve their efficiency. To realize this, ROL launched the project Factory 2.0 – A second generation of ROL factories. One of the main challenges in the project was to create a seamless integration between their ERP solution IFS Applications™ 9 and the planned, robotized, fully automated production plant. ROL needed a strong, flexible, and agile partner with experience in connecting and integrating IFS Applications™ with other systems was the most important consideration. Addovation became the selected supplier.

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Hexpol and Gislaved Gummi AB

Hexpol and Gislaved Gummi achieve transparency and visibility with integrations from Addovation and Boomi.

Hexpol Compounding Europé & Asia uses the BI-system Tableau for transparency and visibility on the business performance for all business units. Since there was no connection between Gislaved Gummi AB’s ERP System IFS Applications and Tableau they needed a smooth and easy-to-use integration platform.

“With experiences from other ERP systems and integration platforms, I must say that I’m impressed with the quick turn-around time from installation to go-live. It is an easy-to-use platform that contains all the tools we need to integrate between these two applications. Complex transformation functionality is available without having to do manual code.”

Andreas Carlsson, Business System Analyst, Gislaved Gummi AB

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Sveba Dahlen

Sveba Dahlen, a leading global manufacturer in equipment for bakeries and the restaurant and hotel industry, decided to upgrade their ERP system to IFS Applications™ 10 and chose Addovation as their upgrade partner.

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We take on complete upgrade projects, or assist as a technical partner. Working closely with our customers, we establish project plans, performs technical upgrades and conduct training activities. In parallel we lift configurations, configure reports, set up integrations and handle modifications.

Habia Cable

Habia selected Addovation as their ERP partner based on our total ERP offering and expertise.

Habia Cable is one of Europe’s leading wire, cable and cable harness manufacturers with a global presence and customers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Habia’s selected Addovation as their ERP partner based on our total ERP offering and expertise. They state that our holistic and complete ERP package and expertise were the main reason for selecting us as their ERP Partner.

The partnership starts with a technical upgrade project enabling Habia Cable to benefit from the new capabilities in IFS Applications 10.