Addovation and Econova initiate a long-term partnership

Econova, one of the Nordic region’s leading company in soil and garden products, and Addovation are initiating cooperation to improve and develop system support for Econova’s business processes.

About Econova

A world-leading application

The new system platform will be based on IFS Cloud, a world-leading application for supporting the operations of manufacturing and trading companies. Addovation will implement the solution and, together with Econova continue the work of increasing Econova’s competitiveness.

For those customers who strive for a long-term partnership, Addovation offers a collaboration model, Addovation Customer Engagement, based on the parties working both operationally, tactically and strategically to ensure that the customer always has the best system support for the customers’ transformation journey.

A long-term ERP Partner

“We felt quite immediately that Addovation not only understood our business, but also shared the same view of the value of long-term relationships as us,” says Peter Herentz, Purchasing Manager at Econova. “We strive for a long-term perspective in what we do, and therefore we gained confidence in Addovation. The fact that Addovation has experienced consultants and long experience from companies similar to ours also facilitated the choice.

“Econova is exactly the customer we want to work with,” says Arnold Eriksson, Sales Manager Addovation. “Long-term partnership is our main focus in what we do. We want to focus on customers who want a partner for continuously developing their business, and Econova is one such customer.”

IFS Cloud is delivered as a service in the cloud, which ensures that the customer always has the opportunity to take advantage of the latest technology and functionality to be able to be relevant and continue to develop their business. 

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