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A train on the railroad tracks during sunrise. Gare de Lyon-Perrache, Lyon, France.

Sateba Group, a leading European specialist in precast concrete sleepers and rail infrastructure, has selected Addovation to implement IFS Applications as their new ERP solution for the entire group.

To build a platform for future growth, streamline processes and increase efficiency, Sateba will use IFS Applications for all their business processes. “To become best-in-class, we need a future-proof ERP platform and an experienced ERP-partner to support us. We do believe that Addovation can help us achieve our future goals”, says Sateba CEO Benoit Cattin-Martel.

Joakim Hugosson, Addovation CEO, says: “We are proud that Sateba has chosen Addovation as their ERP partner. With our industry experience and long-term customer focus, we will provide them with a solution that keeps them on the right track – towards future growth”.

About Sateba

SATEBA is the European leader in its sector, and supplies to all the main European networks. As a specialist in precast concrete sleepers and rail infrastructure, we are Present in 10 countries, building on the expertise of our engineers and the commitment of our workforce to support tailored local and global markets. Creating lasting partnerships for truly durable, sustainable solutions. Find out more at www.sateba.com.

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Future Proof Solutions!

Addovation, the long-term ERP Partner, is proud to announce the establishment of a new cloud- based offering that supports their growth and ambitions in the Nordic countries.

Cloud-based integrations

More and more companies are moving their ERP solutions into the cloud and along with it, their cloud-based integrations. With their new initiative called Connect, Addovation will now be able to offer development, consulting services and application management and help companies establishing and maintaining cloud integrations.

“We see a great potential to further strengthen our position as the most relevant ERP partner in the Nordic, combining our expertise with cost effective cloud-based integrations,” says Addovation CEO, Joakim Hugosson. “On top of that, the partner agreement with Boomi accelerates our investments in new areas important for our customers, such as integrations.”

Partner Agreement with Boomi

Gustaf Meland, Business Area Manager, Addovation

To support the new establishment, a partner agreement with Boomi™, a Dell Technologies™ business, and leading provider of cloud-based integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) has been signed. The agreement gives Addovation the opportunity to deliver modern and future proof integration solutions. This will support the delivery of integration services to the ERP solutions from NetSuite and IFS.

We are very happy to enter a partner agreement with one of the leading cloud integration platform providers, making it possible for us to deliver top-notch integration solutions to new and existing customers. This is a kick-start for Connect,” says Gustaf Meland, Business Area Manager for Connect at Addovation.

Max van Eeghen, Director Benelux, Nordics & Israel at Boomi: “We are looking forward to a successful partnership with Addovation. We see many integration opportunities in the Nordics for IFS and NetSuite customers. Together we can help them to modernize their ERP systems. With Addovation, who is already a well-established partner for many IFS and NetSuite customers, we will be able to increase organizations’ agility and accelerate business outcomes.

Would like to know more about Addovation, our services and solutions? Contact us!

PS; we are looking for a new Integration Consultant to join us at our Connect Team. Could you imagine working for us?

Hexpol and Gislaved Gummi achieve transparency and visibility with integrations.

Transparency and visibility with integrations

Within a timeframe of only two weeks, the solution from Boomi was selected, configured, and deployed and is now transferring business data between the two systems.

Transparency and Visibility

Hexpol Compounding Europé & Asia uses the BI-system Tableau for transparency and visibility on the business performance for all business units. Since there was no connection between Gislaved Gummi AB’s ERP System IFS Applications and Tableau they needed a smooth and easy-to-use integration platform.

Andreas Carlsson, Business System Analyst at Gislaved Gummi AB says, “With experiences from other ERP systems and integration platforms, I must say that I’m impressed with the quick turn-around time from installation to go-live. It is an easy-to-use platform that contains all the tools we need to integrate between these two applications. Complex transformation functionality is available without having to do manual code.”

Best of breed solutions

Addovation facilitated and guided Hexpol to select the new integration platform, which resulted in choosing the best-of-breed solution from Addovation partner Boomi.

 “We are very pleased to see how easy our long-term customer Gislaved Gummi AB took this state-of-the-art integration platform on board. Thanks to Boomi and our integration experts for such great teamwork. We are looking forward to onboarding many more Boomi customers in the time to come!” says Jens-Magnus Andersson, Sales Director at Addovation.

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Norautron selects Addovation and IFS Applications

Norautron AS, a global full-service electronics manufacturer, has chosen Addovation as their ERP partner and IFS Applications as their new ERP-solution.

With this powerful combination, Norautron has secured themselves a powerful ERP system and an ERP partner with the necessary expertise and industry knowledge to meet the future demand of their customers.

A perfect fit

With more than 110 experienced ERP consultants, Addovation is one of the largest consulting companies in Scandinavia working with IFS Applications™.

“We feel confident that we have selected the correct ERP Partner in Addovation. For us, it is important to have an experienced partner with the needed competence and capacity that understands our business needs and that can implement a new system platform that supports our current and future business processes” says Øyvind Sedivy, Managing Director at Norautron.

IFS Application was selected because of its unique functionality for high-tech manufacturers. It will provide us with a modern platform that will help increase efficiency and profitability” he concludes.

A unique set of tools – in one system

Norautron moves from an end-of-life ERP system and multiple supporting systems to one complete ERP System that supports all processes from beginning to end.

Ellen Thu, VPSC at Norautron says “IFS Applications offers unique functionality for production planning, cost control, forecasting and traceability. Making use of this and combining it with an EDI integration – will improve our delivery precision.  Our core business will now be processed and monitored by one system and will make sure that we can meet the demands from our customers as well as becoming more efficient and profitable”.

A long-term partnership

The solution will also be hosted and managed by Addovation. Joakim Hugosson, CEO at Addovation says “We are very excited to welcome Norautron as a customer to Addovation and we are looking forward to a long-term partnership where we streamline, add value and face the opportunities of the future – together!

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Sensonor successfully upgrades to IFS Applications 10

We are delighted that our customer Sensonor, a leading high-tech manufacturing company to the defense, industrial, aerospace, and commercial markets, has teamed up with Addovation and successfully upgraded to IFS Applications 10.

“We are looking forward to reaping the benefits of the new functionality in IFS Applications 10. The upgrade is the first step to get even more out of the system and to automate and streamline process areas together with Addovation”, says Tone Gellein Halvorsen CFO at Sensonor.

Stig Bjering, Project Manager at Addovation says “I am happy to say that the project went well, without any major issues. By cooperating with Sensonor’s team, our experts have delivered a solution that Sensonor can utilize for further growth. We are very excited to continue our partnership with Sensonor.

IFS Applications 10 has been designed to provide a complete ERP solution for global organizations. Unlike competitive offerings that are too often generic, IFS Applications 10 provides industry-specific functionality that enables customers to create a competitive advantage.

Would you like to know more about IFS Applications or Addovation, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Scienta Scientific, a leader in Nobel Prize Technologies.

Scienta Scientific selects Addovation as their strategic business and ERP partner.

Being a leader in delivering Nobel Prize Technologies to the science Industry requires state-of-the-art products and services.

To keep customers satisfied, keeping track of new development and trends is critical. Hence, Scienta Scientific, recognizes the importance of having the business tools that support their high tech development, manufacturing and services processes.

Addovation will support Scienta Scientific in their digital transformation by implementing the ERP system IFS ApplicationsTM. The implementation project will start in the beginning of 2021. The project, named UNITE, will help Scienta Scientific to unify and consolidate their current fragmented system landscape. With a new ERP solution and digital platform, Scienta Scientific will have the possibility to strengthen their role as leader in their industry. The partnership with Addovation will support Scienta Scientific in their future growth by streamlining business processes and enhance projects.

“Implementing a new global common ERP system with unified business processes will increase our efficiency even more. With a streamlined solution across all our companies, we will not just have internal benefits, but also get new opportunities in the services we can provide to our customers and the way we meet them” says Anders Österberg CTO/CIO and Solution Owner.

We are very pleased and excited that Scienta Scientific selected Addovation and IFS ApplicationsTM business software for supporting their strategic digital and business transformation project,” says Jens-Magnus Andersson, Addovation Customer Services Manager. “Our company industry expertise, engineering capabilities and the world-class business software suite IFS ApplicationsTM have proven to be an excellent combination for Scienta Scientific and UNITE. We are really looking forward to the collaboration and to build a long-term relationship with Scienta”.

Read more about Scienta Scientific.

Addovation enters Alliance partner agreement with Oracle NetSuite

We are proud to announce that we have entered an Alliance partner agreement with Oracle NetSuite. The agreement gives Addovation the opportunity to deliver services to Oracle NetSuite customers in the Nordic countries and complements of our strategy for further growth.

Addovation CEO, Joakim Hugosson says “we have high ambitions for the future, and we are excited about entering this partnership with Oracle NetSuite. This provides us with another opportunity to focus on our growth in the Nordic market. We are starting up in Sweden and Finland, but our intent is to enter Norway in the near future. From October 1st, we are more than 10 employees focusing on this new area of business.”

Jan Erik Syverød, Head of NetSuite services at Addovation says “We will contribute with our ability to run effective projects and to establish long-term relationships with our customers within the software & technology, – service, – life science, – wholesale, – and logistics industry. We will deliver full life cycle NetSuite services including system implementation, integration and custom development services, application management and support services.”

To support this new initiative, Addovation has opened an office in Finland.  “It’s exciting to be a part of this process”, says Jan Erik Syverød who started at Addovation in September and is responsible for the establishment. “As the demand for our services are high, we are looking for new members to our team in Finland and Sweden in addition to the newly onboarded employees” he concludes.   

For more information contact: Jan Erik Syverød, Head of NetSuite Services.

Tel: +358 40 5022 372

Hillebrand Sweden has signed a support agreement with Addovation

JF Hillebrand Sweden, a leading service provider in the forwarding, transport and logistics of wine, spirits and beer, has signed a support agreement with Addovation.

We are proud to announce that Hillebrand Sweden, a leading service provider in the forwarding, transport and logistics of wine, spirits and beer, has signed a support agreement with Addovation. The agreement covers on-site support of IFS Applications including functionality, permission administration and report management and its integrated solutions. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Hillebrand.

Successful upgrade at Sveba Dahlen

We are delighted to announce that our customer, Sveba Dahlen, a leading global manufacturer of baking equipment, has partnered up with Addovation and successfully upgraded to the latest version of IFS Applications™.

IFS Applications™ 10 has been designed to provide a single complete ERP solution for global organizations. Unlike competitive offerings that are too often generic, IFS Applications™ 10 provides industry-specific functionality that enables customers to create a competitive advantage. Based on the results of a pre-project, Sveba Dahlen concluded that they wanted to upgrade to the newest version of IFS Applications™.

“During the pre-project, it became clear that we would greatly benefit from the new functionality in IFS Applications™ 10. We identified that it would support our business processes more accurately and ultimately improve the services to our customers and suppliers.” said Marcus Nilsson, CIO at Sveba Dahlen.

A Proof-Of-Value analysis was committed by the executive management team at Sveba Dahlen and Addovation. Together they defined the project approach, business opportunities and the roadmap ahead. A project team was appointed and the project started with full effect in May 2019.

“Since we were running an older version of IFS Applications™, we were happy to have Addovation on our side. We decided to partner up with Addovation because of their broad and deep ERP knowledge. We feel that we have found a long term partner that can support our current and future ERP needs” continued Marcus Nilsson.

The bakery equipment manufacturer went live with IFS Applications™ 10 in October 2019, and they are now full steam ahead into the future, strengthening their position is market.

We are very pleased with the result, and impressed with the way Addovation assisted us with the upgrade and understood our business needs. We are now ready for future enhancements and business initiatives,” concluded Marcus Nilsson.

Project Manager from Addovation, Jonas Axelsson Blad is happy with the result. “Together with Sveba Dahlen’s team and our experts, I am pleased that we have met the customer’s expectations. We are really excited to continuing our partnership with Sveba Dahlen.”