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We are a proud partner of Curit, an IFS Business Partner that shares our values of offering a reliable, competent, and day-to-day service to our customers.

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By sharing expertise and experiences as IFS partners, we can offer our customers even better solutions and services.


Consignor is one of the leading suppliers of Delivery Management in Norway. Most of Consignor’s customers use the software via integrations into their own ERP system. As an Embedded Partner, Addovation can now provide solutions that integrate IFS Applications™ with the Consignor software.

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Addovation is a Consignor Embedded Partner

Addovation want to support customers with good solutions throughout the supply chain. Therefore, we have entered into an agreement with Consignor, making us an Embedded Partner. As an Embedded partner, we have developed a solution that streamlines transport planning and automates the delivery processes between Consignor and IFS Applications™. The solution provides tracking and full control of all deliveries.The partnership ensures that customers receive the support they need, whether it be processes in IFS Applications™, functionality in Conignor’s software or the integration solution itself.


Addovation has entered into a reseller agreement with Eye-share, one of the market leaders in Norway on software for the electronic processing of incoming invoices.

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Digitization of invoices and other documents!

Most companies still receive large amounts of invoices by email or paper. Eye-Share Capture is a good solution for making this information digital.

The service we now offer our customers is called Eye-share Capture and is a tool for scanning, interpreting and verifying invoices. We offer two alternative solutions. One where the customer scans invoices themselves, and one where the customer purchases this as a service directly from Eye-Share. Whatever you choose, your supplier invoices will be available for approval in IFS Lobby, or go all the way to payment if the information is verified and correct.

The same solution can also be used for other types of documents where there is a need to digitize information and automate processes.


Pagero and Addovation have entered a strategic partnership to offer comprehensive purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash and logistics-to-pay solutions to Scandinavian IFS customers.

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Make Your invoice flow 100% Digital!

Pagero offers the opportunity to make invoice flow 100% digital by connecting IFS Applications™ to its unique network. This means major efficiency gains for both incoming and outgoing invoices.

Pagero has an international solution and is a partner with very good knowledge of special requirements that exist in many countries.

Addovation works with Pagero to provide your company with the best possible processes in this area.


Unifaun is a market leader within Transport Management (TM) in the Nordic market. With more than 20 years of experience they provide innovative TM systems of high quality that simplify and improve processes for the transport buyer as well as for the carrier.

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Addovation has teamed up with Unifaun, and created a solution that integrates IFS Applications™ with the Unifaun software. The solution makes it possible to automate the freight booking processes, manage freight documents and freight label printing. Users can trace goods on the way to customers, and send electronic pre-notifications.

With Addovation’s standard integration solution, you can take advantage of Unifaun’s market-leading carrier coverage directly from IFS Applications™. This minimizes the need to work with separate booking systems as you can manage all your transport administration via the IFS Lobby! The solution enables customers to connect to the most comprehensive transport administration solution in Northern Europe with its associated support and operational stability.


For customers that have advanced integration needs, Addovation has partnered up with the Danish company Bizbrain

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BizBrains handles all conceivable variants of EDI exchange and has full control when it comes to EHF and other Peppol standards.

Addovation helps to integrate and set up IFS Applications™ to ensure seamless workflows in your supply chain.

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The solution feeds accurate and up-to-date company information directly into IFS Applications™. Tap into detailed data on more than 330 million companies world wide!

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Addovation has developed an integration between Creditsafe and IFS Applications™. The Integration makes it possible for users of IFS Applications™ to pull company credit risk insights from Creditsafe simply doing a right mouse button click!

Retrieve comprehensive financial data for all companies in the Creditsafe database including sales, net worth, assets and liabilities.

  • Speed up credit decisions by enhancing your records!
  • Get to know your customers!
  • Update company information with a single Right Mouse Button click!
  • International coverage!

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As an official Nodinite partner, Addovation is able to deliver high standard monitoring, logging and documentation of integrations.

About Nodinite

As your integration partner you can be sure Addovation is there for you! By using Nodinite we are able to collect all type of logging and monitoring of your system integrations into one single platform. Focus on your core business – avoid frustration and improve your business performance.

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The partnership with Boomi, a Dell Technologies Company, gives Addovation the opportunity to deliver modern and future-proof integrations for ERP solutions from NetSuite and IFS.


About Boomi

Through Boomi’s iPaaS you can connect apps and data with speed and ease; turn IT complexity into connectivity and break down data silos by integrating on-premise and cloud applications, data sources and devices across your distributed environment.

Leveraging the power of the cloud, Boomi’s single instance multi-tenant platform provides all the benefits of the cloud, including flexibility, agility, design patterns, scalability, high availability, built-in redundancy, and automatic upgrades. Eliminate massive capital costs and the complexities of maintaining software on-premises, and ensure all customers automatically benefit from the latest features and functionality.