Addovation partners up with Curit in Denmark

We are proud to announce that we have signed a partner agreement with Curit, an IFS Business Partner that shares our values of offering a reliable, competent and day-to-day service to our customers.

Addovation is expanding its footprint to include Denmark, thereby expanding our market reach and acquiring additional implementation resources that will allow the company to meet the increased demand for IFS Applications™ and the Addovation solutions. By sharing their expertise and experiences as IFS partners, the parties will gain a stronger standing in Scandinavia.

“We have great respect for Addovation and we believe that our combined knowledge and expertise can greatly benefit our customers and in general improve the service offering for IFS customers in Scandinavia” states Curit ApS CEO Aase Steffensen.

“We are very excited about this partnership with Curit. This will make both companies able to truly support customers in all of Scandinavia in a better way. Equally important is that we can share challenges and great solutions in an extended knowledge community.” says Addovation CEO Per Inge Sævareid. “Curit has a long, proven record of being a successful IFS partner and we are confident that we will learn a lot from this partnership. We are looking forward to start joining forces with Curit.

Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing in IFS, Elni Kullmer says; we are also very pleased with this agreement. This joint effort of two of our highly valued partners will create a strong partnership and provide an excellent foundation for bringing new customers on board as well as servicing our existing one’s even better. This shows IFS and our partners are executing on our partner strategy and creating a strong ecosystem around IFS Applications™. “This sounds like a deal with only winners: Curit, Addovation, customers and IFS. Congratulations!”.

Read the complete press release here.