24/7 Web shop for B2B customers - fully integrated with IFS Applications™!
Automating processes!

Automating processes!

Challenge Jotun, a leading supplier of paint and powder coatings, had a challenge handling the large volume of orders from B2B customers from more than 90 countries. Different time zones, languages, occupied telephone lines, manual input and labour-intensive work represented costly and time consuming handling of customer orders, making it difficult to offer good customer service and a scalable order department.

Solution Our customer wanted an online web shop for their B2B customers in order to reduce time-consuming manual labour to a minimum, and make it easier to order regardless of language and time zone.

Result Addovation provided an online web shop fully integrated with IFS Applications™, automating the ordering process, making ordering easier. The web shop is open 24/7, and has processed thousands of orders from all parts of the world.

Solution delivered: Addovation Webshop, Addovation Cloud Services