Norautron AS selects IFS Applications™ and Addovation

We are pleased to announce that Norautron, a global full-service electronics manufacturer, has signed an agreement with Addovation to run a pre-project on IFS Applications 10. Norautron has experienced a strong growth the recent years and needed a new agile ERP-system to meet the future and support further growth.

Subsequently, they conducted an RFI process to find a suitable ERP system and a good implementation partner. They decided to go with Addovation due to their extensive ERP knowledge and long-term partner perspective. With more than 100 experienced ERP consultants, Addovation is one of the largest consulting companies in Scandinavia working with IFS Applications. The ERP-system IFS Applications™ has been designed to provide a single complete ERP solution for global organizations and unlike competitive offerings that are too often generic, IFS Applications™­­­ provides industry-specific functionality that enables customers to create a competitive advantage.

“We feel confident that we have selected the correct ERP Partner in Addovation. For us, it is important to have an experienced partner that understands our business needs and that can implement a new system platform that supports our current and future business processes without disturbing our daily operations” says Øyvind Sedivy, CEO at Norautron. “First and foremost, we are looking forward to the pre-project where we will work together with Addovation to confirm that the proposed solution and process scope covers our requirements. Then, it is our intention that the pre-project results will form the foundation for a potential subsequent main project with Addovation” he concludes.

Jarle Grav, Project Manager Addovation says “We have started with the workshops and are in the process of verifying the solution concept. Next step will be to establish a prototype that covers Norautron’s requirements and utilizes IFS Applications™ functionality in an efficient manner!”

Per Inge Sævareid, Managing Director in Addovation A/S says “We are very excited to start working with Norautron. It is impressive to see how they have managed to grow their business through a stable and long-term ownership, combined with a competent, sustainable workforce. I feel confident that with Addovation and IFS Applications™, Norautron will have the right tools to support further growth in the years to come!”