Cloud Services for IFS Applications

Addovation Managed Cloud on Azure is an optional way for Addovation customers to host their of IFS Applications instances.

Cloud computing for IFS Applications

Cloud computing for IFS Applications

No matter what your business’ priorities are Addovation’s cloud solutions allow you to run IFS Applicaitons your way. You choose where it’s run, how it’s maintained and how you pay to license and use it. With Addovation cloud solutions for IFS Applications you will be able to embrace the benefits of moving IT solutions to the cloud.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Run IFS software in the cloud, completely managed by us. Pay as a subscription that can scale up and down as needed to accommodate business change. The SaaS service model is adapted to suit typical use of each of the IFS products – for example by providing a more streamlined software update cadence for IFS Field Service Management, and a more flexible one for IFS Applications.

Addovation Managed Cloud

Run purchased, perpetually-licensed, single-tenant IFS software in the cloud with increased flexibility and greater control over the software life cycle, completely managed by us. Pay for the licence and the IFS Managed Cloud service separately.

Addovation Managed Cloud is a fully managed service. Your software is run securely in the cloud, in a highly secure single-tenant (private, not shared) installation that’s fully maintained, updated and monitored by IFS. We take care of everything: the operating system, database, middleware, IFS software and configurations your business processes require.

Running software solutions in the cloud lets businesses get ahead, and that’s why successful organizations are migrating their business applications to the cloud.