Automatic e-mail handling in IFS Call Center

Do you need a solution to handle e-mail addresses like in IFS Applications?

  • Fully automate the case flow

  • Always have all original e-mails from and to end-user on case as attachments

  • Automatically detect the customer

  • Increase responsiveness and customer satisfaction by providing a 24/7 responsive service

  • Open e-mail attachment(s) and reply directly from your e-mail client

  • Easily hand-over case with all existing history

With Addovation’s solution ‘E-mail to case’, users of IFS Applications can fully automate e-mail handling and case flow in IFS Call Center. Our server solution keeps an eye on your support e-mail account and automatically detects the customer and creates a case in IFS Call Center. Any documents attached to the e-mail will be checked in, attached to the case. Once the case is picked up by your support-team, all correspondence can be handled directly from IFS Applications. The solution can send out automatic replies, which can be tailored and personalised.

  • Extends and enhances IFS Applications
  • Made for simplicity and ease of use
  • When an email arrives at the call center, a case is created automatically.
  • A response email is created and sent to the customer with a case id.
  • All correspondence is saved on the case so that everyone can read what has been said.
  • Supports several e-mail accounts.