Budget Solution in Excel

Easier budgeting in IFS Applications™ using Excel, integrated

Easier budgeting in IFS Applications™ using Excel, integrated

We believe that most people – hereby Accountants and Controllers – prefer Excel and spreadsheets for handling their budgeting. It’s easier, more flexible, really powerful, and available for everyone.

In our experience, this is also the de-facto way in many companies using IFS Applications™. Transformation from Excel to IFS Applications™ is very often done as a technical exercise towards the end of the budget process, which is timeconsuming and introduce risk for errors.

Therefore, we’ve created an integrated, dynamic, easy-to-use, budget solution in Excel, meeting demands and wants from financial people, lowering treshold for most employees that shall provide input to the budget. The solution can be customized to fit your needs and wants, handling one or several companies.

Budget information may be entered in Excel by e.g. department managers, and will be stored in IFS Applications™ immediately. All budget figures will then be available in IFS Applications™ from day one and the process of modifying and adjusting figures can be performed with the overall budget figures available on company levels at any time.

Used by: Salten, Jotun, Hafslund, EB ++

Easier budgeting using Excel as a front-end solution to IFS Applications™!