Document Agent

Automatic Check in and Document registration – 24/7!
The Agent that never sleeps

The Agent that never sleeps

The Document Agent works efficiently, is never ill and does not require performance appraisals.With the efficiency of the Addovation Document Agent, your organization can save time on standard documentation procedures and thereby ensure your data quality.Information and data that is crucial to the business is handled efficiently and with no risk of human error.Extensive logging and surveillance functions are an integrated part of the Addovation Document Agent.

The Document Agent supports many different input channels. Disk areas, emails, SMS/MMS and even Apps such as Addovation AddNote can be used.Rules for routing documents upon check-in may be set according to your business logic without any need to recompile code.

Work orders, invoices, purchase orders, order confirmations, receipts or any other object can be connected automatically.



How it works

Add documentation, e.g. pictures, to existing work orders. This is done by first establishing an email address (e.g. Then the work order number is entered in the subject field. Any text or attachment will then be created as documents in IFS and connected to the work order.

Add project documentation automatically into IFS. This is done by creating a shared network folder named with e.g. the project number. All documents dropped in this folder automatically gets checked in to IFS as documents and connected to the project.