Seamless Integration between Consignor and IFS Applications™

Handling millions of shipments per year and hosting the largest carrier library in the world, the Consignor platform is helping more than 10,000 customers choose the best solution for their shipments, regardless of which carrier, ERP, WMS or webshop they are using.
Real-time Transport Administration in IFS Applications™

Real-time Transport Administration in IFS Applications™

Addovation want to support customers with good solutions throughout the supply chain. As a Consignor Embedded partner, we have developed a solution that streamlines transport planning and automates the delivery processes between Consignor and IFS Applications™

Our integration makes it possible to automate the freight booking process, manage freight documents and freight label printing. Shipment information entered in IFS Applications™ is easily integrated into Consignor with a single click. Further handling of shipments can then be processed in the Consignor Portal. Shipment details are fully integrated back to be able to manage tracking and costs directly from IFS Applications™.

All tracking, logging and surveillance is handled through Addovation’s own integration platform, Automation and Integration Server (AIS) in combination with serverless applications in Microsoft Azure. The AIS is a powerful server solution that can handle all types of integrations.

Consignor is one of the leading suppliers of Delivery Management in Norway. Most of Consignor’s customers use the software via integrations into their own ERP system. As an Embedded Partner, Addovation can now provide solutions that integrates IFS Applications™ with the Consignor software.