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Managed Services

Technology is shaping the future success of companies and is changing at a lightning pace. Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape and infrastructure can be both challenging and time-consuming.

Get more time to focus on your core business!

Addovation Managed Services is an optional way for Addovation customers to host IFS Applications using Cloud Computing in a public cloud deployment model on Microsoft Azure. No matter what your business’ priorities are, Addovation’s cloud solutions allow you to run applications your way. You choose where it’s run, how it’s maintained, how you pay your license, and how you use it.

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Fully managed services

We manage your ERP system with comprehensive, fully managed services for everything from application administration to functional support services.

When you select Addovation to manage your services, you get a partner that knows the nuts and bolts of IFS Applications and that can offer you a secure, stable and cost-efficient solution in Microsoft Azure.

If you would like to know more about our offering and the benefits of Managed Services, you can watch our webinar from April 2021 (requires registration).

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Flexiblity, quality, and cost control

We deliver the flexibility, quality, and cost control you need.

  • IFS Release Management
  • Application Performance Management
  • Access to our Service Desk
  • IFS Applications Operations
  • Oracle/ IFS Database Management
  • Backup and restore
  • Server Management
  • Server Capacity
  • Local Datacenters


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“Addovation provided a highly skilled and professional delivery. The transformation from our current hosting vendor to Addovation’s Managed Cloud was made on time and budget. All in all, we now have a great solution with outstanding support, services and performance. The system runs much better now than before and it is also more cost-efficient”

Christian Leo, ERP Application Manager Europe, Shiloh.

Customer Story

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Kenneth Smith

Business Area Manager, Managed Services