Automatic e-mail handling in IFS Call Center

Do you need a solution to handle e-mail addresses like in IFS Applications?

Automation Integration Server

This server component works "back office", making your day even more efficient!

Office 365 and IFS Applications

Exchange business activities, calendar appointments and contacts between Office 365 and IFS Applications.

Document Agent

Automatic Check in and Document registration – 24/7!

Addovation Cloud

Service Integration Platform - perfect for collaboration between IFS Applications and the outside world!

B2B Portals

Portals for B2B Customers & Suppliers


24/7 Web shop for B2B customers – fully integrated with IFS Applications!


One of the worlds leading supplier of paint and powder coatings, had a challenge handling the large volume of orders from B2B customers from more than 90 countries. Different time zones, languages, occupied telephone lines, manual input and labour-intensive work represented costly and time consuming handling of customer orders, making it difficult to offer good customer service and a scalable order department.


Our customer wanted an online web shop for their B2B customers in order to reduce time-consuming manual labour to a minimum, and make it easier to order regardless of language and time zone.


Addovation provided an online web shop fully integrated with IFS Applications, automating the ordering process, making ordering easier. The web shop is open 24/7, and has as of 14.04.2015 processed nearly 100.000 orders from all parts of the world.

Solution delivered:

Addovation Webshop, Addovation Cloud Services