To enable the consumption of new technology and secure the future of your platform, an upgrade of your existing ERP platform is often required.

Upgrade to IFS Cloud

IFS Cloud is a single product that delivers class-leading solutions across Service Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Asset Management.

Our certified IFS consultants will help you with your upgrade strategy, the technical upgrade and support. Read more about IFS Cloud, or book a meeting with one of our consultants.

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Why Addovation?

Addovation is an IFS Regional System Integrator in the Nordic Countries and has a long track record of upgrading IFS to new versions. Our Upgrade Team follows proven methods and draws from a rich reservoir of experience and tools. We tailor the upgrade project to your needs and schedule to ensure a predictable outcome – so that you can relax before, during, and after the upgrade.

Not only do we ensure a smooth upgrade, but we make it our mission that the outcome is Added Business Value and increased ROI.

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IFS Cloud upgrade at Ulefos

Ulefos, a leading Nordic company in water and sewerage segments, selected Addovation as their long-term ERP partner and is now upgrading to IFS Cloud™.

“We have been working with Addovation since 2017, and we’ve always felt that their team has given us their full attention and support when it comes to solving ERP challengesERP solutions tend to be quite complex, and we needed a pro-active IFS partner that could help us with the upgrade to IFS Cloud and business process improvements in general.”

Torbjørn Iversen, COO, Ulefos.

IFS Cloud

Why Upgrade?

It is important to strike the right balance between regularly updating your software and minimizing cost and disruption to your business.

We typically find that our customers upgrade to maintain legal compliance, improve user satisfaction, keep up with technology advancements, and last but not least – lower cost of ownership and eliminate modifications.

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Comply with Government Regulations

New legislation and regulations are continually being passed by both state and federal governments and can have a serious impact on many different industries and organizations. Updates can help you comply with new regulations while saving you significant resources, easing your certification process, and saving you from having to pay large fees or penalties for noncompliance.

Improve User satisfaction

Keeping your ERP software up-to-date improves the user experience and overall efficiency of the product. By staying current and installing all product updates, you’re helping to ensure that your software is running at optimal performance, while reducing employee downtime do to system slowdowns, user questions, and workarounds.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Upgrades are an excellent time for you to evaluate your IT portfolios and look for opportunities to eliminate custom software, unneeded modifications, and even third-party or legacy systems in order to simplify your systems and lower costs of ownership.

Keep Up with Technology Advancements

Software, operating systems, and databases tend to evolve faster than ERP systems. You must stay up to date to capitalize on the benefits of newer and more cost-effective technology. The monetary value of this risk increases dramatically if your business begins to face capacity constraints related to transaction throughput or data volumes. In some cases, upgrading may be the only way to ensure critical functions like order processing are not degraded.

SAAB & Addovation – A Successful Upgrade

SAAB and Addovation have had a long relationship in various projects and business initiatives over the past years. After a successful upgrade, Saab Kockums shares their experience.

“Addovation worked fast and efficiently together with us, and we are pleased with their commitment and professionalism. Throughout the project, Addovation gave us full attention and delivered within the time frame and budget. They met up to our high expectations.”

Tore Bergman, Project Manager at SAAB Kockums.

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Addovation Insights: Elevate your Business with IFS Cloud™

View this webinar as we share some of our insights on IFS Cloud, its position, and how it can improve your company’s competitive edge.

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Ulefos Successfully Upgrades to IFS Cloud

Ulefos is delighted to have successfully completed the upgrade to IFS Cloud!

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At Addovation, we are passionate about delivering value and we have a genuine commitment to our customers and their operations.

Servi selects Addovation & IFS Cloud

Servi has chosen Addovation and IFS Cloud™ to support their business processes and to increase competitive advantage.

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Addovation Insights: Elevate your Business with IFS Cloud™

Join this webinar as we share some of our insights on IFS Cloud, its position, and how it can improve your company’s competitive edge.

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Anders Kjersem

Sales Manager, Norway

Jens-Magnus Andersson is the Sales Director in Sweden

Jens-Magnus Andersson

Sales Director, Sweden