Automated Document Management

We offer multiple solutions that are created with the sole purpose of releiveing you of tedious work tasks and manual document management.

With our solutions, you can automate your document flow by reading from an email account or a folder structure and connect the documents to a business object.

Some examples are automatic document handling of work orders, invoices, purchase orders, order confirmations, receipts or any other object can be connected automatically.

We also have solutions that automatically create documents for you based on the information and processes in your ERP system. Examples of this is inspection protocols, quotations, various reports and is being used both in an internal- and external context.

All the configurations can be tailormade in order to support any business requirement.


“We are checking in more than 2000 documents per month and save approximately 2 mins per document. That gives us a reduction of more than 60 hours per month and we are very happy with that. In addition to being more efficient in this part of the process – we also have secured that more documents are checked in and archived correctly.”

Anne Lise Halvorsen, QA manager and responsible for IFS Applications™ at Servi Group

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Mattias Jonsson who is Sales Manager at Addovation Solutions.

Mattias Jonsson

Sales Manager – Addovation Solutions