In such a large system like IFS Applications™, our Smart Data Solutions facilitates easier, faster and more correct updating of master data in IFS Applications™. We use Excel for this, because it's so flexible and easy to use! Mass extraction, presentation, calculation, validation, sorting of data and mass updating of data back into IFS Applications™ is the essence, and on that basis we have made a wide range of smart solutions for data management using Excel as a efficient and easy front end to IFS Applications™.

Document Agent saves us 60 hours per month!

We are checking in more than 2000 documents per month and save approximately 2 mins per document. That gives us a reduction of more than 60 hours per month and we are very happy with that. In addition to being more efficient in this part of the process – we also have secured that more documents are checked in and archived correctly.

We are very happy with this solution and would like to use it on other types of documents too.


Anne Lise Halvorsen, QA manager and responsible for IFS Applications™ at Servi Group