The Power of Visualization in Manufacturing

Written by Torbjörn Wahlgren 31.03.2020


Looking back on my career so far, I sometimes get nostalgic thinking of tools and processes we used in the manufacturing industry back in the days. So much has happened the last decades. Just looking at the powerful visualization tools available for manufacturers today is mind-blowing.

My manufacturing background started in the 90’s when I worked with a huge ERP project for the Swedish company; Vin & Spirit, that manufactured wine, mulled wine and different kind of spirits. At the time of the Go Live there were two big filling machines which should be loaded with shop orders. These machines were also identified as bottlenecks. Maximum production was the goal but avoid overloading – a constant worry!  Today, computers can visualize numbers as pictures and diagrams, being an important tool for shop floor planning and management. This would have made my days at Vin & Spirit a whole lot easier, I’m sure.

During my 20 years as a consultant I have helped many manufacturing companies to design their machine set up in IFS Applications™.  The latest technique of graphics in IFS Applications™, is called “Manufacturing Visualizer”. The visualizer consists of a set of diagrams that can be used for different purposes. The diagrams are no longer just good looking graphs, but rather intelligent assistants, where rescheduling of shop orders and operations can be done directly inside the diagram by simply using drag and drop!

I recently educated a company that produce Aluminum, to use graphs to schedule and manage their production. They achieved great control and could easily study workload, real time reporting and has now got an easy toolbox for rescheduling orders.

I can’t help wondering what we could have accomplished 30 years ago, at Vin & Spirits with the same tools!


Torbjörn Wahlgren has worked at Addovation Sweden AB since 2016 as a Senior Consultant.  He has over 20 years’ experience with IFS Applications™ as a Business Consultant at IFS and has also worked as a Production Manager in the Automotive Industry. If you want to know more about Visualization in IFS Applications™, or want to book a session with one of our consultants, make sure to contact us!