Consignor is one of the leading suppliers of Delivery Management in Norway. Most of Consignor’s customers use the software via integrations into their own ERP system. As an Embedded Partner, Addovation can now provide solutions that integrate IFS Applications™ with the Consignor software.

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Addovation is a Consignor Embedded Partner

Addovation want to support customers with good solutions throughout the supply chain. Therefore, we have entered into an agreement with Consignor, making us an Embedded Partner. As an Embedded partner, we have developed a solution that streamlines transport planning and automates the delivery processes between Consignor and IFS Applications™. The solution provides tracking and full control of all deliveries.The partnership ensures that customers receive the support they need, whether it be processes in IFS Applications™, functionality in Conignor’s software or the integration solution itself.