Improving IFS Applications with Add-Ons and Custom solutions.
Addovation improves user experience by enabling Microsoft Office as user interface for IFS Applications. The solutions blend IFS Applications with Microsoft Office, combining productivity with business data and processes. Our company offers a number of standard solutions for IFS Applications like Document Management for non-ERP users, Information Merger, Quick Reports and Power Tools. Process owners will experience improved efficiency and extended value by broadening the use of IFS Applications. The flexibility in our solutions will provide greater ability to meet ever-changing business needs. Serving businesses with increased speed and agility, Addovation helps bridge the gap between the requirements of the end users and the functionality that IT delivers.

Extending IFS Applications.
Addovation have recognized that efficient interaction and smooth integrations with other applications can make a difference and we offer services and solutions to make robust and efficient interactions. We have a proven track record of merging business processes consisting of several systems into one efficient process where IFS Applications and IFS technology is used to the fullest. After many years in the business we know what we can do, but we are also humble enough to know our limitations.

Implementation of IFS Applications.
Based on our long experience and deep competency we implement IFS Applications for new or changed processes. We provide professional project management, consulting and various technical services required in an implementation project. After many years in the business we know what we can do, but we are also humble enough to know our limitations. Being an IFS partner means that when challenges arise in components where we have limited knowledge or in areas that we have no previous experience, we can rely on support and expertise from IFS.

Maintaining IFS Applications.
Regardless if you have a small IFS Application installation for one site or if you are running IFS Applications in a 24/7 mode with sites around the world there will always be challenges around maintenance and day to day operation. Addovation have the experience and can provide valuable advice for the operational aspects like access control, multi site and multi language support, backup and redundancy analysis as well as tuning and trouble shooting.

Equally important is the facilitation of IFS Applications for end-users. Taking advantage of the great features in IFS for customizing user experience can make a night and day difference in the user satisfaction. Happy users will be more efficient, and we like to work in this area because it is also great fun!