Office Automation Suite

Perform complex document management operations and retrieve data from IFS with a single click of a button!
Back Office – the easiest way

Back Office – the easiest way

Office Automation is all about making back office–related tasks easier and more efficient. As a plugin to MS Office, our solutions make it easy to check-in documents, spreadsheets and e-mails into IFS Applications, with just a click of a button. Connect it to one or more business objects, store it as a template, release it or start an approval process, without entering IFS Applications. Easy and efficient.


With MS Office functioning as the user interface to IFS Applications, end users can perform complex document management operations, retrieve data from IFS and find appropriate templates, with a single click of a button!

  • Easy check-in of documents and e-mail into IFS Applications
  • Easy access of all templates stored in IFS Applications
  • Easily connect documents to one or more Business Object
  • Create new revisions
  • Release documents directly



Office Automation Suite will improve the efficiency in your organization. Retrieving data from IFS, automatic population of templates and fillable forms in Adobe will give you more time to focus on the primary tasks in your organization.



By distributing Addovation’s Office Automations Suite’s modules to non ERP users, data quality is increased and documentation work flows will improve.


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