Office Automation Suite

Boost productivity and streamline your IFS Document Management processes by working directly from Microsoft Office and Windows!
Faster, easier and more efficient Document Management

Faster, easier and more efficient Document Management

With MS Office functioning as the user interface to IFS Applications™, end users can perform complex document management operations, retrieve data from IFS and find appropriate template

Office Automation Suite will improve the efficiency in your organization. Retrieving data from IFS Applications™ and automatic population  will give you more time to focus on the primary tasks in your organization.

By distributing Addovation’s Office Automation Suite’s modules to non ERP users, data quality is increased and documentation work flows will improve.

The Office Automation Suite consists of several modules that allow users and super users to perform document management operations in Microsoft Office.


First and foremost, you have the ‘Document Management’ module, where users can check in and out documents to IFS Applications™. This module is perfect for users that do not use IFS Applications™ on a regular basis, and need a quick and easy way to create and access documentation. The users can also access the document templates in IFS Applications™ via the ‘create from template’ button. One of the most popular functions in the Office Automation Suite is the ‘Find’ button. With this function, users can find and access documents quickly, without accessing IFS Applications™. Search for recently used documents, search by object connections, document status and contents.. Our add-on lets you check in multiple documents directly from the Windows file explorer.


One of the major benefits of the Office Automation Suite, is its ability to populate documents automatically. With the module ‘Information Merger’, super users can build document templates in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint that fetch information from IFS Applications™ and insert it in the correct place in the template. The templates can fetch field information, for example the work order ID’, or a list of all the work orders that are to be delivered for a specific customer. We have customers that use Information Merger to create simple templates, as well as customers that build complex documents templates fetching media items, QR codes, Quick reports and more. With the module ‘Building Blocks’, super users can also build complex documents like product catalogues, quotations and agreements merging several documents into one, combined with the other powerful features of the Office Automation Suite and Microsoft Office.


With the module ‘Mailings and Labels’, you can combine the Microsoft Office merging tools with the Office Automation Suite powers – it’s an unbeatable combination. Add dynamic QR or Bar codes, pictures and hyperlinks!


Our ‘Signature Management’ module allows users to sign documents, release them and create view copies in 1-2-3.


Finally, we have developed the ‘Outlook Folder Sync’.  Configure your folders in Outlook to automatically check in documents and connect to business objects in IFS Applications™.