Addo CPQ – A fully integrated CPQ experience

More and more companies are seeing the need to simplify the process of configuring products and components. Previously, this has been a manual, cumbersome job with a great need for expertise and advanced Excel calculations.  With difficulties in spreading to several internal users, to resellers or directly to end customers. 

Addovations solution: 

A fully integrated CPQ experience with the ability to: 

  • Configure products directly on the web 
  • Updated on price when change is made to the 3D model 
  • Get an offer for the product directly on the screen 


  • Product selection 
  • Configuration 
  • 3D visualization 
  • Accessory 
  • Price calculation 
  • Tender documentation 
  • Production/picking list 

Description of the solution: 

Addovation offers a basic platform for web-based product configurator.  With the help of this platform, products can be configured via a user-friendly interface on a web page. 

The platform is adapted to the customer’s business and requirements, whichprovides a great advantage and flexibility.  Thesolution can, if desired, be integrated with and controlled from a CRM / ERP system, such as IFS. 

The ADDO CPQ platform includes the following: 

  • Administration of accessories 
  • Texts in different languages including administration 
  • Users and permissions 
  • Theme and colors 
  • Generation of quotes 
  • Revisions of quotes 
  • Export to 2D drawings 

Expodul’s product configurator

Expodul’s product configurator

From left, Tommy Thyselius, CEO of Expodul. Per Åstrand, System Architect at Addovation for Addo CPQ.

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