Digitalizing Forestry

Digitalizing Forestry

Digitalization is currently shaping the future success of our industries. Adapt or fall behind! It is all happening at a rapid pace.

Written by Gery Peter and Mikael Johansson

The forestry industry is one example of an industry that is currently undergoing digital transformation. Traditionally, this is an industry where the internal system landscape has been based on deeply rooted silos, tacit knowledge and “smart Excel sheets”. This makes it difficult to visualize and analyze the complete value chain, and it also makes it challenging to disrupt and align the system landscape.

Driving and fully taking advantage of digital transformation is challenging and whether you are doing a complex implementation project, an update or an integration – it is vital that you have industrial and technical knowledge of the processes you are digitizing.

At Addovation we have the experience and industry knowledge to assist with digital transformation. Our team implements and supports the ERP system IFS Applications for leading Swedish companies within the forestry industry. The system includes a fully project-based manufacturing solution with integrations to MES (Manufacturing Execution System), CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CNC (Computer Numeric Control) systems and more.

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