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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, efficiency is key. Yet, the manual process of generating documents can be time-consuming and can lead to mistakes. Enter Addovation’s DocGen, a revolutionary cloud-based service designed to automate document generation, regardless of your ERP system.

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Kavindi Navodya Palihena

Project Manager Assistant

Hello, readers! My name is Kavindi, and I’ve been part of the Addovation team for 7 months now. When I first encountered Addovation’s service called DocGen, I was immediately curious. As someone who appreciates efficiency and enjoys exploring innovative solutions, I couldn’t resist diving deeper into what DocGen has to offer and how it can benefit businesses like yours.

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How DocGen can revolutionize your document creation process!

Addovation’s DocGen is an innovative cloud-based service that redefines document generation. Unlike older products, DocGen is entirely independent of any specific ERP system, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are generating invoices, reports, or contracts, DocGen streamlines the process, saving you time and ensuring data quality.

The core of DocGen

At the core of DocGen is it’s robust architecture, comprised of several key components:

    • Request Addovation: The user initiates a document generation request.

    • DocGen: Addovation’s document generation engine processes the request.

    • API: Enables seamless integration with your existing systems.

    • Trigger Document: Initiates the generation of the requested document.


Document Request

DocGen accepts various inputs to create dynamic documents, including text files, image references, text strings, and table data. This flexibility ensures that your generated documents accurately reflect your data.



DocGen supports a wide range of elements to enhance your documents, including:

    • Text Strings: Insert dynamic text to personalize your documents.

    • Merge Fields: Seamlessly integrate data into predefined templates.

    • Tables: Organize data in structured formats.

    • Images: Enhance visual appeal with photos and illustrations.


DocGen’s template system allows users to create dynamic document layouts, including headers, footers, and cover pages. With the ability to define headers and footers separately from the template body, users can customize each document to meet their unique needs.

Tables & Images

From photo formatting to table creation, DocGen simplifies the process of incorporating visuals and data into your documents. Whether it is adjusting sizes, cropping images, or applying extra styling, DocGen ensures that your documents are visually stunning and informative. 

Dynamic Text and Elements

Harnessing the power of JavaScript, DocGen supports dynamic text and elements within templates. This enables users to create interactive and customizable documents that adapt to changing data inputs. 


With Addovation’s DocGen, document generation has never been easier or more efficient. By automating tedious tasks and ensuring data accuracy, DocGen empowers businesses to save time and focus on what matters most. Ready to revolutionize your document generation process? Contact Addovation today to learn more about DocGen and take the first step towards streamlined efficiency and improved data quality. 

If you would like to pick our brains and discuss how your company can unlock the success with DocGen, contact us here!

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