Has your organization lost it?

A customer asks you for the agreement that was signed seven years ago!

You know you had some correspondence around it, or perhaps it was your colleague who no longer works in the organization…. Let the search begin!

By Andreas Isengaard

Business Area Manager, Solutions

I think all of us have been in that situation at one point, where the hours are passing by while you try your best to find a document in your inbox.

This is where Addovation solutions come into place and provides value. I often use our search engine against IFS Applications, especially through Microsoft 365. The search engine finds my documents in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. Even from the desktop I can find a document, only be referring to some of the content in the document. I can easily find documents attached to business objects and list documents that I worked on last week!

“I have a very organized way of using a folder structure in my Microsoft Outlook, so it doesn’t apply to me, I always find my documents anyway.”

As true as this typical statement may be, we need to consider how our colleagues will find the documents. Luckily, Addovation has the solutions to simplify this process. With our solutions, you can configure folders in Outlook to automatically check in documents and connect them to relevant business objects. A truly amazing feature is the ability of restoring them back to Outlook from IFS Applications. The solution will also tag the e-mails to make it easier to see what has been checked in and what hasn’t – not only for you but also for your colleagues.

If you would like to know more, view our webinar where we demonstrated the how you can find your documents in 1-2-3 with the Office Automation Suite!