Employee Spotlight: Kjell Åge Røn

Name: Kjell Åge Røn

Position at Addovation: Senior Advisor – Technical and Managed Services

Area of specialty:  IFS System Technician

Background: An astonishing 25 years in IFS as an IFS System Engineer, and most recently he worked for Wilhelmsen as an ERP Technical Architect.

Addovation is one of Scandinavia’s largest consulting companies working with ERP. We offer consulting, implementations, upgrades, integrations, add-ons, and hosting. We would like to introduce you to Kjell Åge Røn who joined us in September.

Sigrid Marie Saastad is Addovations Marketing Manager in Norway.

By Sigrid Marie Saastad

Marketing Manager, Addovation

Kjell Åge, you are one of the newest additions to our team! What is your experience of working at Addovation so far? 

So far, so good! It’s been great to meet all the colleagues and learn more about Addovation. As a new employee, I have entered the onboarding program that teaches me about all the different parts of Addovation and introduces me to people in the other offices. Last week, I also joined the annual Conference in Gothenburg, BetterTogether, and met coworkers from Sweden and Finland. It was great fun!

Why did you choose to work with ERP, and why Addovation?

For me, becoming involved in ERP was a coincidence! One of my first jobs was in an IT department, assembling computers. As time passed, I got involved in more technical stuff, and my interest in ERP started growing.

What attracted me to Addovation is the focus on their customers and employees. The Management Team has a clear strategy for investing in their employees to attain and obtain relevant competence. This ultimately benefits the customers! 

What type of customers are you currently working with? 

Even though I have only been here for about a month, I’m already working with several customers. A global leader in energy-efficient air treatment and climate solutions and a multinational maritime group, to mention a couple. I work on everything from implementations to upgrades across the Nordics, but next up is a pre-project from IFS8 to IFS Cloud for one of our larger customers in Norway

What can you offer our customers? 

My specialty is to fix and solve technical problems and challenges! I have worked with IFS for 25 years and have been involved in many projects as an advisor and technical architect. I have also worked closely with the IFS R&D department for many years, and I know the nuts and bolts of the system. 

What do you like to do besides work?

Now that the kids have grown up, I have more me-time, so I’ve just started working out. Or let me rephrase that – I’m trying to work out! I also love hunting and spend a lot of my free time in Valdres where I’m from. 

Thanks so much for the chat, Kjell Åge. Is there anything else you would like to share?

It would have to be my motto – that all problems have a solution! 

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