Why Choose NetSuite?

More than 29,000 customers are using NetSuite. Find out why!

Adaptability has never been more important and NetSuite offers visibility and control to make the right decisions, right now. Here are the top 6 reasons why customers world-wide select NetSuite as their Business Solution.

NetSuite combines innovation and experience in cloud ERP, as part of Oracle, it is a stable global business. It provides world class standards and expertise while investing heavily in development to enhance the customer experience and broaden functionality.

NetSuite was designed as a cloud-based tool to ‘run a business’. From conception, NetSuite was cloud-based and focused on helping organisations to grow and become more effective.

NetSuite is highly scalable. Hosted on the highest quality and most up-to-date and secure infrastructure, the solution can easily cope with the largest of global organisations.

NetSuite is highly customisable and user friendly. Uniquely designed to allow customisation— it offers best-in-class business processes. Powerful features such as workflow, search, drilldown reporting and role-specific dashboards all add to a great user experience.

NetSuite has a proven record of integrating with a wide range of other solutions. Through partnerships and open APIs, there are a wide range of apps available that provide integrated solutions for specific needs.

NetSuite provides free updates and is fast to implement. Updates are issued twice a year at no costs and minimal inconvenience. The unique ‘NetSuite’ process ensures a speedy and high quality implementation.

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Magnus Axelsson er Business Area Manager i Oracle

Magnus Axelsson

Business Area Manager, Oracle


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