Document reclassification at Interwell

Every now and then, companies outgrow the document structure that was once built in IFS Document Management. Rather than trying to adjust to the current structure, companies can opt to rebuild the structure and reclassify their documents to better fit their processes.

Addovation has recently assisted Interwell with their document reclassification, where the documents in certain areas of the business needed to be restructured and reclassified. Addovation has developed a tool kit for this purpose, containing methods/ tools and adjustable scripts to make the reclassification process go as smoothly as possible.

“we are reaping the benefits from our reclassification already”, says Ingrid Lothe Ruø, responsible for the document reclassification at Interwell. The document structure is more user friendly now and we find the documents we are looking for so much quicker! We are very happy with the process and work done by Addovation, and we are now evaluating doing reclassification in other areas of the document structure as well.”

Does your company need to restructure and reclassify your IFS Document Management database? Addovation has experienced consultants and developers to help you with your project. Contact us for more information!