Portrait of a businessman using a digital tablet in the production line of a factory
Hexpol and Gislaved Gummi achieve transparency and visibility with integrations.

Transparency and visibility with integrations

Within a timeframe of only two weeks, the solution from Boomi was selected, configured, and deployed and is now transferring business data between the two systems.

Transparency and Visibility

Hexpol Compounding Europé & Asia uses the BI-system Tableau for transparency and visibility on the business performance for all business units. Since there was no connection between Gislaved Gummi AB’s ERP System IFS Applications and Tableau they needed a smooth and easy-to-use integration platform.

Andreas Carlsson, Business System Analyst at Gislaved Gummi AB says, “With experiences from other ERP systems and integration platforms, I must say that I’m impressed with the quick turn-around time from installation to go-live. It is an easy-to-use platform that contains all the tools we need to integrate between these two applications. Complex transformation functionality is available without having to do manual code.”

Best of breed solutions

Addovation facilitated and guided Hexpol to select the new integration platform, which resulted in choosing the best-of-breed solution from Addovation partner Boomi.

 “We are very pleased to see how easy our long-term customer Gislaved Gummi AB took this state-of-the-art integration platform on board. Thanks to Boomi and our integration experts for such great teamwork. We are looking forward to onboarding many more Boomi customers in the time to come!” says Jens-Magnus Andersson, Sales Director at Addovation.

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