Addovation is a certified Gold Channel Partner and offers the ERP Systems IFS Applications™ and IFS Cloud™ and provide a portfolio of services that maximize the value of your IFS solution.

IFS Cloud & IFS Applications

From implementations and updates, to support and ongoing value realization, we are here to help you with all your ERP needs. Whether you are a first-time ERP buyer, looking to upgrade, or want to improve your business processes, Addovation is a certified IFS Gold Channel partner and is eager and ready to help!

We specialize in manufacturing, service, energy, telecommunications, construction, and infrastructure.

IFS Cloud

The brand new ERP Suite from IFS, IFS Cloud, is a single product that delivers class-leading solutions across Service Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Asset Management. Built to meet the specific needs of your business and the markets you serve, IFS Cloud combines deep industry and functional strength with intelligent and autonomous capabilities that can be put to work from day one.

IFS Cloud delivers real choice in how you deploy and make it yours, whether that’s in our cloud or your own data center. It’s simple to use and tailor, making it easy for you to extend and connect to your business and application landscape.

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IFS Cloud provides market-leading IFS solutions with guaranteed availability, fewer IT liabilities, and outstanding choices in how you pay and deploy in the cloud. Make big change happen quickly with IFS Cloud!

IFS Applications

IFS Applications is currently used by approximately +1,000,000 users worldwide and is designed to optimize today’s operations for better outcomes now and in the future.

Whether your business is asset intensive, product oriented or service centric, IFS Applications works the way you do. Great solution fit and last mile functionality help you better serve customers and stand out from the competition.

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A perfect fit for your business!

Conducting business in any industry requires active management of people and financial assets. From transactional, financial and people management to strategic corporate performance management, IFS Applications delivers the visualization and performance to support customer requirements. Embedded CRM capabilities tie together sales of both products and services with your back office processes and people.

IFS Manufacturing

IFS Manufacturing gives you better control over your entire production process across multiple manufacturing modes. From advanced make-to-order to simple make-to-stock and from discrete to process manufacturing, our solution lets you:

  • Minimize production costs and maximize material availability
  • Advance accuracy in forecasting, price estimating and scheduling
  • Put quality first at every stage of your production process
  • Manage sustainability over the entire product lifecycle
  • Boost revenue by offering services on top of your physical product

IFS Enterprise Service Management

IFS Enterprise Service Management provides service organizations with complete end-to-end service management, reducing overall expenditure with multiple vendors and providing unrivaled efficiency and automation with a fully integrated solution that addresses all aspects of the service chain from backend to front end.

IFS Applications provides one complete solution for customers around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, maintain assets and manage service-focused operations.


“Implementing a new global common ERP system with unified business processes will increase our efficiency even more. With a streamlined solution across all our companies, we will not just have internal benefits, but also get new opportunities in the services we can provide to our customers and the way we meet them.”

Anders Österberg CTO/CIO and Solution Owner.

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Business Area Manager, IFS

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Arnold Eriksson who is Sales Manager, IFS new sales at Addovation Sweden.

Arnold Eriksson

Sales Manager IFS, New Sales, Sweden.

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Anders Kjersem who is Sales Manager at Addovation Norway

Anders Kjersem

Sales Manager, Norway

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