Addovation has entered into a reseller agreement with Eye-share, one of the market leaders in Norway on software for the electronic processing of incoming invoices.

More about Eye-Share

Digitization of invoices and other documents!

Most companies still receive large amounts of invoices by email or paper. Eye-Share Capture is a good solution for making this information digital.

The service we now offer our customers is called Eye-share Capture and is a tool for scanning, interpreting and verifying invoices. We offer two alternative solutions. One where the customer scans invoices themselves, and one where the customer purchases this as a service directly from Eye-Share. Whatever you choose, your supplier invoices will be available for approval in IFS Lobby, or go all the way to payment if the information is verified and correct.

The same solution can also be used for other types of documents where there is a need to digitize information and automate processes.