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Microsoft Office Integration

Our Microsoft Office Integration is a fully-fledged modular solution!

Wouldn’t you say that Document Management is easier, faster, and more efficient when being executed in the world’s most used editors – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook!


Create templates that automatically fetches information from IFS Applications. Any data can be fetched and create stunning reports with a single click of a button!

• Create documents from Aurena.
• Create documents from IFS Enterprise Explorer.
• Create documents from Windows desktop.

Document Management with the Office Automation Suite

Check in- and out documents with a single click. We also support the possibility to check in from Windows desktop as well as automating in Microsoft Outlook. We also support the following features:

• Seamless editing.
• Powerful features in Microsoft Outlook.
• Easily search and find documents including document content.
• Check in straight from Windows desktop.

Read more about the Office Automation Suite!

Excel as frontend to IFS Applications

Have you ever thought: This would be so much easier if I could do it from Microsoft Excel? We have done several solutions in where we can fetch information from IFS Applications, modify it in a clean and user-friendly interface and then save data back to IFS Applications.


ProfilGruppen selected Addovation to combine IFS Quality Management with the Office Automation Suite to create a fully digitalized claims handling process.

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